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Overseas Education Training Service

Elite trains more than 3,000 trainees each year. As many as tens of thousands of international students have participated in the training business over the years. Elite’s influence has been spread throughout the whole East China region. With its excellent reputation and solid strength, now it has become a benchmark of the training industry in the entire East China.

Overseas Education Consulting Business

Elite offers a rare high-level and customized overseas education consulting business in Suzhou, adhering to the service purpose of bettering excellence and going to all lengths. Each year, with the help of Elite, a large number of students successfully enter world famous universities such as Duke University, Columbia University, Rice University, Oxford University, Cambridge University and so on, finally achieving their dream of studying abroad.

Secondary School Training Service

Elite Education Group's secondary school training course aims at helping students of high grades in primary school and of middle and high school to better their subjects like English, mathematics, physics, etc. Its self-developed, distinctive and ingenious eagle curriculum system perfectly fits the current learning situation of Chinese students, creating a precedent for the standardization and systemization of secondary education and overseas education, and opening a new era for domestic quality education and comprehensive education. The secondary school training courses are mainly divided into two types which respectively aim at international English experiment classes and domestic high school entrance exams.

Immigration Service

The immigration business is a trust-worthy business developed by Elite Education Group for many years and has been carefully launched, mainly focusing on US immigration and European immigration. Elite also provides immigration services like Visa application, abroad settlement, business investigation, notarization translation, license delivery, real estate investment and property rights transaction. On the basis of accumulated resources over ten years, Elite leads the multilateral cooperation to do field inspections overseas so as to build a first-rate team. Relying on the educational foundation and overseas contacts for over a decade, Elite has grown into an intermediary agency with a complete range of businesses and considerable social awareness.

Elite’s Top Schools Admission List (Section)
  • TOEFL 105; SAT 2210
    Rice University (RANK: 17)
    Mao Lining Rice University
  • TIELTS 7.5; SAT 2190 (supercore) SAT II 1600 (two subjects)
    Cornell University (RANK: 15)
    Jesse Cornell University
  • TOEFL 96; SAT 1920 (supercore)
    Columbia University(RANK: 4)
    Wei Xuexin Columbia University
  • TOEFL 104; SAT 2120
    Carnegie Mellon University (RANK: 23)
    Student Xia Carnegie Mellon University
  • TOEFL-free
    Master of Business, Cambridge University(RANK: 5)
    Chen Yuxuan Master of Business, Cambridge University
  • IELTS 7.0
    McGill University Canada(RANK: 1)
    Wu Yuntian McGill University Canada
Our Tutoring 15:06
Demo Classes 4:42
Learning Experience 0:54
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